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WorldFish is Leading the Way as the First Center to Benefit From One System for Headquarters, Regional and Country Offices

UNIT4, the global leader in software that supports business change, today announced completion of the first phase of a major global research sector project worth USD$4 million, to implement a single international research management system for CGIAR, an international consortium of non-profit agricultural research organizations.

WorldFish is the first of 10 of the CGIAR’s global research organizations to implement UNIT4’s Agresso ERP system in a significant project to create a single research management IT backbone across the CGIAR Consortium (referred to as OCS, One Corporate System).

OCS, supported by UNIT4 Agresso Managed Services, reduces costs and increases management efficiency by providing access to a variety of integrated functions, including project management, donor and partner management, HR, finance, procurement, and resource planning and allocation.

CGIAR is dedicated to reducing rural poverty, increasing food security, improving human health and nutrition, and ensuring more sustainable management of natural resources. It is carried out by 15 Centers that are members of the CGIAR Consortium, in close collaboration with hundreds of partner organizations, including national and regional research institutes, civil society organizations, academia and the private sector.

WorldFish is dedicated to reducing poverty and hunger by improving fisheries and aquaculture. It has more than 350 scientists and staff based in eight countries across Asia, Africa and the Pacific and working throughout these regions. The Institute has its headquarters in Malaysia and regional offices in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, Malawi, Myanmar, Philippines, Solomon Islands and Zambia.

“Sweeping changes in the CGIAR in recent years have created a challenge for us as well as an opportunity to develop new and more ambitious research programs designed to better connect with partners and deliver greater impact,” said Dr. Stephen Hall, Director General at WorldFish. “Through integrated systems and better collaboration, WorldFish will become more efficient and effective, and better positioned than ever to meet development challenges. OCS based on Agresso means IT investment and system support costs will gradually drop, while services will improve significantly as we share resources, intelligence and best research management practices.”

OCS will ensure improved services for all stakeholders including program managers, project leaders, donors and partners by:

  •           providing up to date and accurate management information through improved reporting tools.
  •           establishing a single point of data entry and providing centrally held data.
  •           making working practices more efficient as a result of allowing faster decision making via an online approval process (fewer paper forms).
  •           facilitating access to up-to-date information for program managers and project leaders.
  •           maximizing the use of available technology by automating processes.
  •           allowing greater professional response with better information from support staff to managers.
  •           facilitating program and budget review and realignment.
  •           enabling greater accountability.
  •           empowering regional offices with direct access to the system.

In June, UNIT4 announced investment plans to deliver a single, international enterprise software solution for higher education and research institutions worldwide, based on the company’s vast sector experience and expertise.

Photography showing the work undertaken by WorldFish can be accessed here.