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ECi Cloud for TeamDesign allows easy access from any Internet device

ECi Software Solutions (, a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced its premier solution for the office and contract furniture industry is now available as a cloud-based application, ECi Cloud for TeamDesign. Making ECi TeamDesign available as a hosted solution allows the premier furniture ERP solution to be accessed from any computer or mobile digital device such as a tablet.

“We are thrilled to offer this to our customers,” said Tammy Byrum, President of ECi Team Design. “ECi TeamDesign continues to be dedicated to expanding our portfolio of value-added surround solutions to meet the needs of every aspect of our customers’ businesses. We are committed to our evolving industry and ECi Cloud for TeamDesign is an expansion of our portfolio of solutions.”

“The cloud is where ERP technology is headed,” added Tom Gerrity, Senior Vice President of Operations. “We are committed to keeping our customers on the cutting edge of this technology to help them improve efficiency and increase profitability. Cloud computing opens up a range of possibilities in to the areas of information sharing and mobile use and we are very excited to introduce this to our customers.”

In addition to making TeamDesign available from any Internet connection, ECi Cloud for TeamDesign increases accessibility to an industry-leading ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses by reducing the cost and implementation time. As a 100-percent hosted solution, it does not require investment in an onsite server, which also eliminates the costs associated with server maintenance. Cloud-based solutions are also easier to implement, and so a business is up and running in a short time. Using a cloud-based solution can also increase business information security as all encrypted data is automatically stored offsite.

Marissa McKeon, Manager of Operations for Pannello Systems, is an ECi Cloud for TeamDesign customer. She says, “We were faced with the challenge of how to get Team Design implemented in a user-friendly and cost effective application. The hosted version has allowed each of our users to work efficiently and simultaneously without Pannello having to take on the cost of our own server. With ECi Cloud, Team Design has been able to provide a secure option for those of us looking to have more flexibility in our work processes.”

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