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Business software solution provider experiences record sales in Q2

eCommerce Industries, Inc. (ECi), a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced that 259 new customers joined the ECi family during the first half of this year. The provider of business software also experienced record sales during the second quarter.

Sales for new systems were made world-wide across the entire line of ECi business systems including 73 for the Lumber Building Materials and Hardware (LBMH) division, 73 for the office products, equipment and furniture division, and 24 for software for discrete manufacturers. In addition, ECi gained 89 new customers for their value-adding solutions that include Acsellerate business intelligence and FMAudit managed print services for the office industry.

“Our goal is to partner with our customers and provide solutions that allow them to maximize profits and compete with the big boxes. In most instances, we can help our customers grow their profitability by up to 5% or more per year,” said Ron Books, President and CEO of ECi. “The fact that ECi continues to add a record number of new customers proves the emphasis independent businesses are placing on technology solutions. Those taking a proactive approach to technology are growing.”

“We are confident that the technology investments we are making are resulting in our overwhelming growth,” adds Mike Gibson, SVP, Worldwide Sales and Marketing. “We continually get feedback from our customers and enhance our products to better meet their needs which helps drive their success and our success.”

Investment in technology is the best way for independent businesses to remain competitive with the big boxes. Technologies that improve efficiency, put services and products online, and provide business intelligence help companies to increase productivity and sales without adding headcount, reduce operating expenses and also to increase their competitive edge.

In addition to building on their core strength in industry-leading ERP business systems that improve efficiency, ECi is dedicated to expanding their portfolio of value-adding surround solutions to meet the needs of every aspect of their customers’ businesses. ECi stays at the forefront of the industries it serves by optimizing customer experience through seamless integration between their software, services and partners’ services.

“Our strong position in growing markets proves our stability and commitment,” continued Books. “Customers can depend on ECi to be there as they expand their businesses. Our focus is not just on necessary technology but also on being a complete solution that includes superior training and industry expertise.”

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