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Power Almanac Now Providing Deltek Govwin IQ Clients Access to the Most Comprehensive and Up-to-date Information About Local Government Decision-Makers

Deltek, the leading global provider of enterprise software and information solutions for government contractors and professional services firms, recently announced a partnership with Power Almanac – a comprehensive and up-to-date online source of data and information about local governments. Through this partnership, Power Almanac provides Deltek GovWin IQ clients access to the most updated information about local government decision-makers.

Power Almanac seamlessly integrates its comprehensive database of local government contacts – including city, county and township officials – into Deltek GovWin IQ’s powerful suite of research tools. These new capabilities will provide Deltek GovWin IQ customers:

  • Greater depth of coverage local contacts: Power Almanac’s full-time research team covers more than 21,000 local governments, including 97% of those serving a population of 1,000 or more.
  • Verified accuracy: Power Almanac proactively contacts each city, county, and township twice a year to verify and update their records, and then uploads any changes to the live database on a weekly basis. With this systematic approach, Deltek subscribers can count on highly accurate information on local government contacts.
  • Role-based search: Power Almanac focuses exclusively on key decision-making roles for each government, including city/county managers, heads of public works, heads of IT, heads of purchasing, police chiefs, fire chiefs and more. By organizing records by roles, rather than titles, Power Almanac makes it easier for companies that want to win local government business to contact the right decision-makers, speeding up the sales process.
  • Fully integrated data: Power Almanac’s contact information is fully integrated with GovWin IQ State & Local offerings, including opportunities, government profiles, and term contracts so GovWin IQ customers can quickly understand who they need to contact in government for more information about programs or to set appointments.

“We’re very excited to provide this new information to our GovWin IQ customers,” said Schalene Dagutis, Vice President of State and Local Research and Analysis Services for Deltek. “It’s difficult to find a reliable and verified database with the breadth and depth our customers need to successfully pursue business with State and Local governments. When we learned about Power Almanac’s unique methodology and focus on local government, we knew that it would greatly enhance the value of what we already provide to our clients.”

“Power Almanac’s role-based focus enables users to save hours of research time when they need to build lists for marketing or sales purposes. Our customers have given us a lot of positive feedback about our focus on roles,” said Jeremiah Calvino, VP of Marketing for Power Almanac. “They really appreciate not having to worry about coming up with every possible title for the person who heads public works or purchasing, or knowing about cases where the City Clerk is also in charge of finance.”

About Power Almanac

Power Almanac helps businesses reach the right city, county, and township officials by providing a comprehensive, up-do-date, and easy-to-use database. Unlike other databases, Power Almanac proactively verifies every record twice a year to ensure that its data is current. From a database covering 97 percent of local governments with a population of more than 1,000, Power Almanac users can instantly download full contact information for ten crucial decision-maker roles, including city/county managers, heads of public works, heads of IT, heads of purchasing, police chiefs, fire chiefs, and more. Launched in 2011, Power Almanac is based in San Mateo, California. For more information, visit