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Shoppers can seamlessly access on-demand customer intelligence from their dealers’ web storefront

eCommerce Industries, Inc. (ECi), a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, announces the integration of CXintelligence with ECinteractive and is.D-Force 2. CXintelligence is a new on-demand customer intelligence solution from ECi Acsellerate, which helps independent businesses effectively compete and win new accounts by allowing specific end users to analyze their purchase information through interactive dashboards and detailed reports. The integration of CXintelligence with ECinteractive and is.D-Force2 allows seamless access to historical purchase information, providing a level of analysis that sophisticated shoppers require from their business partners.

“As the expectations of online shoppers evolve, we continually look for ways to extend ECi software’s ability to meet their technology needs,” stated Becky Manion, Senior Product Manager for E-Commerce products at ECi Software Solutions. “End users want innovative technology that allows them to shop and analyze their purchases in one powerful, easy-to-use webstore. The integration of CXintelligence with ECinteractive and is.D-Force2 will allow dealers to provide that seamless capability to their customers.”

CXintelligence has proven successful in competing against the big box chains, by positioning the independent dealer as a proactive partner with transparent access to purchase information. “We were awarded a $500K annual supply contract for a large hospital,” commented Randy Mehling at Reporter Big Sky, an office supply and equipment dealer in Billings, Montana. “Our reporting capability through Acsellerate’s CXi was a pillar of our proposal process, and a deciding factor in earning the business.”

“The integration of CXintelligence with ECi’s front-end applications has been a priority for Acsellerate,” said Steve Sabatini, President of ECi Acsellerate. “We are pleased to offer seamless access to CXi through ECinteractive and Dforce2, increasing the amount of time shoppers spend on the site, which fosters further loyalty and strengthens the relationship between the dealer and their customer.”

Regardless of current front- or back-office system, CXintelligence is available as an additional Acsellerate product that can help generate new business and retain current customers. “Acsellerate’s CXi ‘wows’ people! CFOs and key decision makers love that this data is available,” commented Norman White at Newtown Office Supply. “By incorporating CXi in our presentations, we are viewed as a much more capable and sophisticated company.”


About ECi Acsellerate

Acsellerate is the market leader in on-demand sales and business intelligence, providing web-based analytic, advanced reporting and integrated CRM solutions.  The interactive information empowers executives, managers and sales professionals to easily understand the effectiveness of their customer relationships and turn that insight into bottom-line results.  As a business unit of ECi Software Solutions, Acsellerate is able to arm distributors in a variety of industries, with an effective, affordable suite of services designed to help them compete successfully in today’s market without requiring a significant technology or financial investment.  For more information visit, or call (571) 266-6420.

About ECinteractive

ECinteractive is ECi’s next generation Web storefront shopping software for Internet sales in several industries: office supplies, office equipment, janitorial/sanitation, building materials, lumber, hardware, and more. It offers dealers tight integration with DDMS®, OMD®, LaCrosse™ and Advantage™ business system software, and a control panel with user-friendly setup wizards and reporting to make B2B account administration a breeze. It offers these dealers’ business customers a user-friendly shopping interface, powerful features for refined search, strategic sourcing, personalized item lists and favorites, budget or contract purchasing controls, approval accountability, and account management to make B2B procurement simple yet richly featured.