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Bristol, UK., October 11, 2010– UNIT4, the world’s leading provider of ERP for fast changing organisations, today announced the availability of CODA Financials on IBM i 7.1 throughout Europe. The release will allow customers to deploy UNIT4’s best-of-class financial application on the wide array of cost and energy efficient IBM POWER7® processor-based systems announced recently by IBM.

Known for its straightforward integration capabilities, CODA Financials runs natively on IBM i and DB2, and can be easily integrated with other business applications. This means organisations with applications written in RPG, COBOL and/or Java based applications can create real-time interaction between those applications and CODA Financials using CODA web services, all while running on one hardware platform.

“CODA Financials on IBM i 7.1 is an ideal solution for companies needing a world-class accounting system that can interoperate with any vertical or custom applications they might have in place,” said Anwen Robinson, Managing Director, UNIT4 Business Software. “In the current economy, many companies need to upgrade their financial systems without taking a “rip and replace” approach to all their applications and their whole computing environment. The combination of CODA Financials running on i 7.1 and the latest IBM Power7® based systems is a pragmatic and cost effective way to deliver up-to-date business applications.”

CODA financial software has long been developed specifically for the i and has a very loyal community of customers that have been using CODA Financials since the original version on the AS/400.

“Today, we are one of very few vendors to support the current release of the operating system. It means our customers can combine the technology they love with the best Financials package on the market,” Robinson added.