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CINCINNATI – December 14, 2010 – Software and services provider Cincom Systems, an IBM Premier Business Partner, announces that Cincom Synchrony®, its customer experience management solution for contact centers, has been recognized with IBM’s Banking Industry Framework validation.

IBM’s Banking Industry Framework is designed to simplify the modernization, management and monitoring of financial technology systems, while lowering risk by avoiding the disruptive business consequences that have characterized these activities in the past. IBM’s Banking Industry Framework gives banks an alternative to the high-risk, rip-and-replace approach. One of the core areas addressed by the IBM Banking Industry Framework is customer care and insight to help banks build a foundation for creating a single view of the customer and enabling more effective and efficient sales and service.

Synchrony recently helped Absa Bank in South Africa improve loan processing efficiency by over 30% and reduced training by 50%. It provides a single, customer-centric front-end that is supporting the bank’s “ONE Absa” objective where silos are removed and it operates as one business in the interest of its customer. Synchrony also standardized workflows and processes to create a paperless environment. The obstacles that Absa Bank overcame are similar to those in many other financial institutions.

“Many banks suffer from ‘siloed’ or isolated customer offerings, customer data and communication channels which results in inefficiencies and poor customer experiences,” says Randy Saunders, program director, Cincom Synchrony Customer Experience Management. “Most banks also do not have the resources to assist customer-facing employees to resolve issues quickly and deliver the best offers and recommendations. Cincom Synchrony provides a single, integrated view of customers, across departments, business lines and communication channels. It helps guide employees to the best outcomes. Receiving IBM framework validation further complements the success financial institutions can attain with Synchrony.”

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Guiding Winning Conversations at Absa Bank

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A Customer Experience Management (CEM) Solution for contact centers, Synchrony intelligently guides winning conversations with customers. It leverages the insight you have about each customer in the context of each interaction to deliver optimal customer experiences and organizational outcomes. Synchrony brings your CEM strategy to life in a realistic, operational model that grows your business while improving operational results.

Cincom is an IBM Premier Business Partner and has been integrating IBM technologies and leveraging IBM services for over 10 years.

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