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CINCINNATI, Ohio—December 13, 2010—In a further effort to help improve the efficiency of its clients’ manufacturing business processes, worldwide software provider, Cincom Systems, has improved Cincom® CONTROL:2010™ (, the latest version of its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system, to include a role-based architecture.

One of six key upgrades made to CONTROL:2010, the role-based architecture ensures that users are not overwhelmed by unrelated data and see only the information they need to make the best decisions for their roles in the manufacturing process.

Determine Role

When a user is first set up in CONTROL:2010, they are assigned one (or more) of 27 different business roles. Customers are also included as a role, and they can tailor custom roles to meet their needs.

Specific, Useful Information in Real Timefinancial-management-for-manufacturers-300x197

A role-based architecture delivers the specific information required for each role to execute the assigned business functions.  This includes:

  • Performance measures
  • Access to information
  • Process execution
  • Visibility

Role Governance

With the 27 roles that CONTROL:2010 delivers, Cincom assures role governance by adhering to segregation of duties.

“This not only helps make sure that the right information is provided to the right person, but it also allows you to provide security of your data,” said Mike Gauthier, Cincom® CONTROL™ product director. “Having an ERP system with role-based architecture enables users to make informed decisions and quickly implement the required actions regarding key business metrics.”

CONTROL:2010 ERP software provides real-time facts about operations so manufacturing business leaders can make decisions and quickly implement actions regarding key business metrics, such as:

  • Overall cost control and margin
  • Inventory management
  • Working-capital optimization
  • Risk mitigation
  • Process improvement

Cincom is the only ERP software provider with zero failed implementations.

About Cincom

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