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CINCINNATI, Ohio – Personalized, role-based manufacturing analytics can help improve an organization’s revenue and cost savings. So say the engineers at Cincom Systems, who created Cincom® CONTROL:2010™ (, the latest version of its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system. Cincom CONTROL:2010 includes the Business Activity Monitor, a communication conduit that presents each business role with a status of how they are performing in real time.

Similar to an automotive dashboard, the Business Activity Monitor—one of six key upgrades for Cincom CONTROL:2010—focuses on the critical few pieces of information that determine success or failure. Unlike an automotive dashboard, the business dashboard provides a navigation tool tailored to the duties of a specific role.

Cincom CONTROL:2010’s Business Activity Monitor displays KPIs, leading measurements, flow tasks and alerts all on a single screen. It’s refreshed every few minutes so you see the most accurate information.

“Our goal is to provide everyone in a manufacturing operation—regardless of their role in it—with the essential information they need to stop problems early,” says Mike Gauthier, product director, Cincom® CONTROL™. “If you don’t receive the information in real time or have to dig for it, then by the time you receive the information, the problem has already started to fester. This can negatively impact your supply chain and customer fulfillment processes.”
Business Activity Monitor includes:

  • Warnings and Alerts – Like a check-oil light in your car, Cincom CONTROL:2010’s Business Activity Monitor gives warnings and alerts only when there’s a potential problem.
  • Performance Indicators – See at a glance how your area of the business is performing with graphic indicators that are specifically designed for your role.
  • Leading Measurement – There’s always that one objective that is measured above all else. See how you’re doing in real time, up-front and center so you can drive corrective actions.
  • Activity Launch Pad – Information is only as valuable as your ability to put that information to work quickly. Here is where you access the tools to effectively and quickly execute based on your personalized analytics.

An example of Cincom CONTROL:2010’s performance indicators that help users measure only the objectives that directly affect their roles in the organization.

Cincom CONTROL:2010 ERP software provides real-time facts about operations so manufacturing business leaders can make decisions and quickly implement actions regarding key business metrics, such as:

  • Overall cost control and margin
  • Inventory management
  • Working-capital optimization
  • Risk mitigation
  • Process improvement

Cincom is the only ERP software provider with zero failed implementations.

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