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Cincom Acquire, a guided selling and product configuration ERP software solution from Cincom Systems, has improved its integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help companies selling complex products or services through multiple channels improve their sales effectiveness. Cincom Acquire allows channel reps to configure, price and quote offerings through a web portal that directly integrates to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

“Selling complex products and services through extended channels is a big challenge for most companies,” said Jerry Miller, director of Cincom’s Intelligent Selling Solutions division.  “Cincom Acquire captures the knowledge of the product engineers, pricing agents and network planners and provides it to your channels directly through the portal interface, so they can be as knowledgeable as your own staff.”

Acquire’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM creates more knowledge of sales activity.  “Information input into Acquire by channel partners goes immediately into your CRM system,” said Miller. “This gives a real-time, full view of all direct and indirect sales activity—this is a huge competitive advantage.”

The Value of One Platform Solution versus Many Point Solutions

Cincom Acquire for Microsoft Dynamics CRM combines multiple point solutions into one integrated, multi-channel selling platform. The solutions included are configuration, pricing engine, quoting and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which includes a selling solution, marketing solution and customer-service solution.

“It’s a one-stop software technology designed to scale and grow with your company and its changing technology,” said Miller.

“So much has improved with the use of this system. We’re not only saving a tremendous amount of time, but our costs have been drastically reduced as well,” said Jeff Wegner, Regional Sales Director for Smeal Fire Apparatus Co.

About Cincom Acquire

Cincom Acquire is a multi-channel, multi-currency and multi-lingual selling solution that automates the configuration, pricing and quoting (CPQ) of complex products and services. Cincom Acquire is powered by the Cincom Guru Business Rule Management System (BRMS) that empowers business users to automate complex sales and product knowledge. Cincom Acquire has helped companies streamline their sales processes by delivering critical product and sales knowledge to the point of sale, while significantly reducing “quote-to-cash” time―reducing proposal generation time from days to minutes and closing deals up to 80 percent faster.