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Chipola College has Selected the Jenzabar EX Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Jenzabar, Inc., a leading provider of software, strategies, and services for higher education, announced that Chipola College has selected the Jenzabar EX enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.  The new ERP system will allow Chipola College to expand services to the entire customer base including students, employees, and alumni.

Being one of the smallest state colleges in Florida, Chipola College faces funding challenges and was seeking a quality ERP system at an affordable price. Jenzabar EX offers a selection of streamlined modules that fully integrate with one another, and is online-friendly through Jenzabar’s Internet Campus Solution (JICS) and Jenzabar Mobile. With Jenzabar EX, Chipola College will be able to expand its services and provide online, real-time interactivity, on and off campus.

“We were spending too much time on duplication of effort and needed a completely integrated ERP system,” said Dennis F. Everett, Associate Vice President for Information Systems at Chipola College. “It didn’t take long to see that Jenzabar would provide the enhanced products and services at a price we could afford. Using a module-oriented methodology, Jenzabar allowed us to purchase the specific modules we need to provide the services that our students and staff expect.”

Jenzabar EX is a comprehensive, fully-scalable administrative platform with a centralized database that can be implemented out-of-the-box and rapidly deployed. The ERP system provides interoperable workflows that adapt as institutional policies change and technology evolves. Jenzabar EX is offered on the industry-leading Microsoft SQL Server. In 2011, Jenzabar EX led the industry in ERP installations and currently has a 97% customer retention rate.

“It’s clear that Jenzabar has a host of experts who are more than willing to share their expertise, not just to sell their product,” said Everett. “They help the customer make a logical, informed decision.”

“Similar to other small state colleges, Chipola does not generate as much student revenue as some of the larger institutions. Funding was a challenge,” said Robert A. Maginn, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Jenzabar. “Jenzabar EX met all the needs of Chipola College through design, structure, services, and budget. Chipola College will be able to offer more services while saving time and money.”