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Advanced registry software on a modern platform to improve information management across stakeholders

CGI has launched an initiative with the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) that will replace the CSA’s national systems that currently support the Canadian financial regulatory system with a modern, digital solution that will integrate workflows, support data quality and ensure faster information sharing across all of Canada’s provincial and territorial securities commissions.

CGI will design, build and implement an integrated solution to replace existing systems (including SEDAR, SEDI, Cease-Trade Order Database, National Registration Database, National Registration Search and Disciplined List). The new solution will be based upon a modern and secure software product developed by Foster Moore and is designed to deliver secure transactions, improve ease and speed of use, respond to changes across the Canadian regulatory environment and evolve to meet requirements for future data management and advanced data analytics.

“We are delighted to help the CSA in their modernization journey by applying our in-depth knowledge of the current Canadian regulatory systems, workflows and processes with our global expertise in successful digital transformation”, said Mark Boyajian, President, Canada Operations for CGI.

This renewed system is planned to be delivered in stages over the next 3 years by a joint CSA and CGI transition team.

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