Corporate Culture and the Social Enterprise

When is it possible for structure and flexibility to peacefully coexist? In a social ERP system, of course! While joining ERP software and social media may not seem like the happiest marriage, the integration can actually work quite well if your organization has the right corporate culture. The ideal corporate culture for social software is […]

Lean ERP: What It is and How to Make It Work

ERP implementations more often than not run counter-intuitive to lean concepts. While lean and Six Sigma cultures focus on reducing waste and non-value-add activities, most ERP implementations are bloated with inefficiencies and cost overruns. For example, the average lean six sigma initiatives strive for zero waste and defects, while the average ERP implementation costs $10.5 […]

The Price Tag of ERP Failure: $440 Million?

As details regarding Knight Capital’s dramatic ERP failure continue to emerge, it becomes clear that organizations that don’t effectively handle their ERP implementations can (and often do) end up paying a price almost beyond comprehension. For those who haven’t followed the news, Knight Capital recently lost over $400 million in a matter of minutes because of a […]

Software Accelerators. . . And Other Ways to Reduce ERP Implementation Time

ERP software providers love promoting software accelerators — especially to smaller, cash-strapped organizations — but are these pre-configured software versions all they are claimed to be? And if not, what are some other ways organizations can reduce ERP implementation durations? Before your organization decides on any acceleration techniques, you should first base your time expectations […]

Using Gamification to Motivate Employees During an ERP Implementation

If you received recognition every time you learned a new skill or completed an important task, would you be more engaged at work? This question is exactly what some businesses have been debating as they consider the benefits of diving into one of the newest emerging industries in the U.S.: “gamification.” Many have called gamification a […]