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Carillon software is ranked in the Top 10 for ERP Software and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solution. With more than 20 years of experience, Carillon brings understanding to the marketplace with its expertise in design, development, consulting and Know it now management, its real-time ERP software.

ERP Applications is a type of software that integrates external and internal business data. ERP software usually incorporates CRM, sales, accounting, inventory, and manufacturing data. Carillon’s ERP solution includes 16 fully integrated modules that interact second to second, making updated information available throughout the entire business. Many other ERP solutions claim they are “real-time” but Carillon is one of the few that actually is.

CRM management software manages contacts and relationships inreal-time. It automates, organizes, and synchronizes contacts like vendors, clients, and employees. Carillon’s CRM software is integrated inside the ERP system so information flows from the CRM to other departments (POs, Warehouse, Accounting, Executives, etc) without rekeying.

There are Carillon installations throughout the USA, Canada, and internationally, with installations in many industries. Carillon has been building functionality and creating a CRM solution for a variety of businesses for over 20 years.  Industries supported include construction, distribution, manufacturing, and many more. The construction solution includes a very powerful fully integrated Job Costing module including sub-jobs, phases, and tasks.  In addition, Carillon captures costs by cost code (category of work performed) and cost type (labor, material, overhead, etc.).  The distribution software solution includes a robust sales order process, fully integrated CRM, email, fax, commission, and multi-tier pricing algorithms.  The manufacturing industry software solution incorporates job costing functionality and the capability to have standard and custom components.