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ATLANTA – Oct 18, 2010 – Belden Brick Company has significantly reduced its inventory and increased profitability using Infor ERP LN, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for companies in the discrete and project-based manufacturing industries. The company developed a system to scan bricks that vary slightly by color and record their values into ERP LN, allowing bricks to be blended together into larger lots for sale to customers. Belden Brick expects the system to reduce inventory of small brick lots by 600%, and increase its profits by more than $250,000 annually.


  • By combining small lots of bricks with Infor ERP LN, Belden Brick is able to increase cash flow and customer service by selling existing inventory without additional production runs or compromising the integrity of its product.
  • During the brick production, small lots are created with shades that vary slightly from the rest of the product. Because those remaining lots are small, the ability to sell them is greatly reduced, creating excess on-hand inventory.
  • The company is able to use the system to keep prices low because making a fresh run of brick to guarantee compatible quality is more expensive than using on-hand inventory.
  • Infor ERP LN is a manufacturing and distribution solution for discrete, multi-national, mid to large size companies with complex business requirements in engineering, product life cycle, configuration, manufacturing, projects, or service.

What Belden Brick Says

“Infor ERP LN has helped us tackle the challenge of taking small lots of bricks and combining them to increase profits while not sacrificing our position as the industry leader in quality,” said Jeff Adams, CIO, Belden Brick Company. “Now, when a customer calls about available inventory, we can quickly determine our capacity to blend existing lots to meet the color and quantity requirements of the customer’s request, a process that has not only met our goals for additional profit and reduced inventory, but also helped us gain more than 10 production days a year.”

What We Say

“Today’s economic climate requires companies to constantly innovate their business processes to identify opportunities for efficiency that enable them to do more with less without sacrificing customer service,” said Frank Manders, director of product management, Infor. “Infor ERP LN helps companies like Belden Brick generate additional revenue by providing full visibility and the necessary tools to hone an organization into a truly lean manufacturing system.”

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