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Wholesale Fireworks Manufacturer & Distributor Significantly Cuts Costs with New POS Module Deployed across 54 Locations

VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.), an award-winning ERP software provider, today announced that B.J. Alan Company, a distributor and retailer of consumer fireworks, has experienced measurable results with the implementation of VAI S2K Enterprise for Retail. S2K Enterprise for Retail is a Point-of-Sale (POS) solution designed to help companies improve productivity and streamline retail operations. With the new POS module deployed in 54 stores in only four months, B.J. Alan was up and running for the busy summer season, immediately reducing help desk support costs.

B.J. Alan has been a VAI customer since 2004 and rolled out VAI S2K Enterprise for Retail to support the company’s growth from a mail-order business to a retail superstore model. The business now entails 54 retail showrooms, more than 1000 temporary tent and stand locations, and the company is the only American-based sparkler manufacturing plant active today. B.J. Alan uses S2K Enterprise for Retail to handle the accounting and tracking for each of these business models, in addition to providing a cross-company view of all activity.

“We initially deployed VAI S2K Enterprise for Retail because we needed a stable ERP platform that was flexible enough to accommodate our highly seasonal growing business model,” said Mike Koocher, IT director, B.J. Alan. “Deploying VAI’s POS module this year to replace our old system was an easy decision because it directly integrates with VAI S2K Enterprise, and we are thrilled with the results we have seen in a short period of time. VAI has done a great job of advancing its technology while accommodating our specific needs.”

“One of our primary goals at VAI is to provide our customers with customizable solutions to address their business needs where off the shelf software just won’t do,” said Claudio Gallina, project director, VAI. “We are pleased with the value that B.J. Alan has experienced with S2K Enterprise for Retail, and that we were able to offer and quickly deploy a POS solution at a critical time. We look forward to B.J. Alan’s continued growth and success with the addition of the POS module.”