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Montreal, Quebec, Canada, December 14th, 2009 – Atrion International today announced the availability of enhAnCE, a powerful content editor that provides users with a highly intuitive interface for augmenting and configuring specific content within the ACE™ Technology Platform.

enhAnCE’s simple user-friendly interface enables users with little or no computer programming skills to make their own changes to the behavior of parameters such as rules, phrases, and conditions. Version 1.0 of enhAnCE supports Atrion’s Compliance Engine for EH&S, Powered by ACE™ for customers using SAP® EH&S.

“Until now, when seeking a regulatory content provider organizations have been challenged to find an offering that provided breadth and depth and the ability to configure, personalize and augment this content to comply with specific company requirements not normally found in public domain,” said Frank Arcadi, Vice President Product Strategy & Direction at Atrion International. “The issue was further complicated in a complex system environment such as SAP® EH&S where customizations can prove costly and ongoing changes often require new project initiatives involving skilled IT resources to execute. With the introduction of enhAnCE, compliance experts now have the power to make changes and create interpretive rules so that they can easily adhere to corporate requirements and in a cost-effective way.”

enhAnCE Content Editor Features Include:

* Rule Editor – Enables users to control conditions, assessments and output via a user-friendly interface in order to modify the behavior of existing rules or create new ones to meet company-specific codes of practice
* Mapping Editor – Enables the assignment of resulting output of new or existing rules to be sent back to an external business system, e.g. SAP® EH&S’s specification database
* Phrase Viewer – Enables users to view all available phrases, in all available languages in the system,—that can be used by a rule during a compliance assessment and document creation
* Change Management – enhAnCE identifies all changes via on screen displays and enables users to automatically create detailed reports that describe the modified or new rule behavior providing a complete audit trail

About ACE Technology Platform

ACE™ is the industry’s first technology platform for product compliance, which actually turns isolated regulatory knowledge into mainstream information, across the organization and the supply chain. Acting as a compliance hub, ACE™ provides versatile privileged access to centralized regulatory intelligence eliminating the silos of EH&S information.

About Atrion International

Atrion International Inc., founded in 1989, delivers the most reliable, product compliance solutions for both process and discrete manufacturers. By integrating the largest set of managed regulatory content into a prepackaged automated solution and connecting to key ERP systems, Atrion’s Product Compliance Solution ensures that products will reach customers with minimal risks to brand image and shareholder value. Atrion International is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with offices in the United States and Europe.

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