The ERP software space is brutally competitive, which is both good and bad.  On the one hand, leading ERP solution providers such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics are constantly improving functionality, targeting new industry verticals, and offering aggressive pricing.  On the other hand, most organizations have a dizzying array of enterprise software options to choose from.

So how does one sort through the slew of marketing and sales messages?  One important data point to consider is actual implementation results from other companies.  For example, how much time and money does the average ERP vendor’s customer invest in the software?  What type of business tangible benefits and satisfaction do the solutions provide?

These and other questions are answered in our benchmark study of 1,300 enterprise software implementations across the globe.  For example, the study shows the following key points.

ERP Benchmark Study

  • Oracle typically costs significantly less than SAP and delivers a higher level of executive satisfaction
  • SAP costs more but delivers a higher level of business benefits
  • Microsoft Dynamics and Tier II solutions are typically lower-cost providers

Learn more about the findings of the study by viewing a video of the summary presentation located on our ERP videos page.  In addition, you can read the full ERP report via our resource center or view a table that summarizes how the ERP vendors stack up in one of our many lists of ERP vendors.

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