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Company launches next-generation business matching service to help buyers and sellers connect and collaborate more quickly and efficiently

Finding and connecting with the right trading partners can be both time consuming and costly. But not with Ariba, Inc. (Nasdaq: ARBA), the leading provider of collaborative business commerce solutions. The company today announced the launch of Ariba Discovery, a next-generation business matching service designed to help buyers and sellers connect and collaborate more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

“While many tools exist to help buying organizations find new suppliers, discerning whether these suppliers can meet their needs often poses a significant challenge. And while many suppliers devote significant resources to promoting themselves to new buyers, their efforts often bear little fruit,” said Bhaskar Himatsingka, Chief Technology Officer, Ariba. “Unlike general search engines and business directories, Ariba Discovery combines a proprietary matching engine with unique profile information to help buyers identify the right trading partners and sellers generate more relevant leads.”

Leveraging the scale of the Ariba® Network, Ariba Discovery eliminates the hassle of discovering qualified partners and business leads by instantly matching buyer requirements to supplier capabilities. Fully-integrated with Ariba® Sourcing On Demand, the cloud-based service allows buyers to quickly identify and qualify suppliers from a global community of over 500,000 selling organizations and gives sellers of all sizes access to new business opportunities with Global 2000 buyers that are in active purchasing cycles.

To enhance the value of the service to buyers and sellers alike, Ariba has teamed with leading companies such as American Express OPEN and IBM.

“Online business-to-business marketplaces are a great way for small businesses to seek business with larger enterprises,” said Rob Ganjon, Vice President, American Express OPEN. “Ariba Discovery is a lead generating platform, which means small businesses are connecting with key decision makers and purchasing agents in the right place at the right time.”

Using Ariba Discovery, buyers can:

  • Post RFPs or RFIs and have them automatically matched with sellers who meet their requirements
  • Evaluate profiles and unique qualifying information on more than 470,000 globally-enabled selling organizations across 19,500 categories, in over 130 countries
  • Access community-based references and ratings to judge seller capabilities and performance
  • Gain visibility into e-commerce capabilities and performance with other buying organizations to determine experience level and fit
  • Track minority and women-owned business status and green certifications to support corporate diversity and social responsibility initiatives
  • Collaborate with prospective sellers through a variety of online methods, including web meetings from IBM LotusLive
  • Reduce the time and cost associated with identifying new global sellers

“We currently source everything we can through Ariba Discovery,” said Chris Uriarte, Sourcing Manager, Stage Stores. “Having all those vendors at your fingertips leads to more competitive bids and lower costs.”

For selling organizations, Ariba Discovery is the fastest, most efficient way to find qualified leads with the world’s leading and largest organizations using Ariba, including 98 percent of the Fortune 100 and more than half of the Global 2000. In 2010, Ariba Discovery offered $1 billion in new business opportunities, distributed over 5 million leads, and made over 15,000 matches between buyers and sellers.

By registering with the service, sellers can:

  • Differentiate their offerings and capabilities by creating and dynamically updating detailed capability profiles that contain unique information including transaction history and community references.
  • Automatically receive high-quality business opportunities, RFPs or RFIs, that match their capabilities from buyers with budget and in the buying cycle
  • Network with prospective buyers across business cycles
  • Get access to billions of dollars in buying opportunities from leading buying global buying organizations
  • Reduce the time and expense associated with finding new business and managing relationships

“As a mid-range company with finite resources, it’s difficult to get our arms around a national audience and canvas Fortune 1000 companies,” said Greg Bosserman Vice President, Business/Program Development, Support Services of America (SSA). “Ariba Discovery enables us to do this and has helped us to maximize our resources to the point that we anticipate that in two years, we could bid on several times the amount of business we do today.”

Ariba Discovery is available today as both a standalone service and as part of Ariba Sourcing On-Demand. To learn more about the offering and the results that it can deliver, visit:

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