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IQMS’ industry specificity, complete system integration and sterling reputation among reasons cited for purchase

IQMS, designer and developer of manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, has been selected by custom plastics injection molder, ADMO, Inc. IQMS’ EnterpriseIQ software prevailed over other ERP systems because of its seamless union with every step of the manufacturing process and its modular, scalable model that promotes manufacturing growth.

A state-of-the-art manufacturer and full service provider of molded parts and assemblies, ADMO, Inc. prides itself on delivering high quality, cost effective components on time. Unfortunately, ADMO’s old ERP system was not able to support the company’s business growth. Lack of integration, poor production scheduling and inventory control, difficulty retrieving management information and no job costing was preventing ADMO from reaching its full potential. IQMS’ EnterpriseIQ software was chosen for its reputation for increasing operational efficiencies and its industry-specific solutions.

“During the due diligence process of selecting our new ERP system, it became a foregone conclusion that IQMS was the best overall solution for ADMO, Inc.’s needs,” said Matt Krieps, president and owner.

ADMO promises the lowest possible cost on its services by understanding the customer’s requirements and finding alternatives, better methods or greater efficiencies to achieve the client’s goals. With its convenient one-stop shopping, from design to assembly, and custom-designed process workflow environment, ADMO can create superior efficiencies and minimize part costs. But to achieve all these guarantees requires a system that can communicate intrinsically between all aspects of ADMO’s business – an area in which IQMS excels.

“It’s the integration that really is the biggest benefit of EnterpriseIQ,” said Al Martin, vice president of finance and administration. “The interconnectedness of all the processes enhances our abilities because we will have greater visibility of all our manufacturing activities, thus improving our capacity to deliver to the customer.”

“ADMO, Inc. understood immediately the benefits our comprehensive, single-database system could offer,” said Glenn Nowak, vice president of IQMS. “We are proud to partner with such a forward-looking company with a strong reputation for top quality parts.”


About ADMO

Founded in 1977 by Frank Krieps, ADMO, Inc. is a custom plastics injection molding company dedicated to continually providing the best for its customers, suppliers, the industry and itself. ADMO services many diverse industries, including emergency products, electronics, closures, hardware, medical, automotive and more with 31 injection molding machines ranging in size from 88-ton, 3-ounce shot to 625-ton, 4-pound shot.