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7-Eleven Mexico has selected Oracle Retail Merchandising to create a platform for improving retail operations and driving growth across its 1400 stores throughout the country.7-Eleven Mexico will use the Oracle Retail Merchandising suite of applications to leverage operational data, establish best practices throughout its retail operations and help develop new merchandising and inventory strategies.

Oracle Retail Merchandising help retailers determine the inventory requirements at the item and location level, which results in an inventory replenishment that optimizes the supply across all locations.7-Eleven Mexico expects to use Oracle Retail to track its perpetual inventory to increase availability of items, reduce inventory and optimize its supply chain.

“We will use Oracle Retail to better serve the changing needs of our convenience customers by offering the best assortment by store and fresher products every day. Also to establish best practices and create a platform for growth,” said Eduardo Trujillo, Business Transformation Director, 7-Eleven Mexico. “We have operational data from across the business. Oracle will help us to gain insight from that data and shape our merchandising and inventory strategies accordingly.”

“Oracle Retail is ideally suited to helping retailers like 7-Eleven Mexico create the ideal customer experience,” said Mike Webster, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Retail. “By investing in Oracle Retail’s experience platform, 7-Eleven Mexico can infuse science into its business processes to drive execution and growth.”