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Current business environments are more complex and data analytics increase every day.  Therefore, innovation is a must for any growing enterprise.  You may be familiar with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, a system of using software to manage multiple departments. There are many reasons why companies find ERP systems attractive.

The following is a list of the primary rationale for using an ERP system in any size enterprise.

1. Always Increasing Competition

Competition is a concern for all businesses.  Ignore the competition and they will soon leave you behind.  A successful company must answer the following questions. 

A.  Which products produced the most revenue? 

B. What is driving the market?

C. What sectors make the company the most profit?

D.  Most important, what are the reasons why specific sectors and products are seeing growth?

How do you find the answers?  With an ERP system – especially when coupled with strong business intelligence, data analytics, and predictive modeling capabilities.  Not sure how an ERP system can help or what ERP system to use? Not a problem: contact Panorama Consulting Solutions for an initial review of your business needs. 

Of course, an ERP requires much dedication.  The system has to be comprehensive to work for all departments.  Additionally, once implemented, it must be maintained to keep the system relevant.  Good input equals good output.  A properly maintained ERP will eliminate manually entering data.  Corporate executives and managers can now access information quickly for meetings and communication between staff.  This improves your company’s productivity and keeps you a step ahead of the competition.

SAP vs. Oracle Case Study

SAP and Oracle both invest heavily in cloud technology. However, our client was skeptical about cloud scalability and unsure if the products were mature and proven.

2. Advancing Technology

A company cannot be stagnant.  It must grow or it will die.  Constant meetings due to changing variables and staff turnover waste valuable time and resources.  Your company becomes bogged down and growth is hindered.  ERP is the wave of the future.  Data analytics is no longer complicated.  People just need to be trained on the technology and associated business processes.  Now businesses can make faster, better decisions.

An ERP system can include a cloud computing system. In the past, some have resisted, but now workplaces are becoming more receptive to the idea of employees sharing their data. Departments may think that they could not use an ERP system to help with their responsibilities, but advancing technology is playing a vital role in all aspects of the business.  With 12% growth inspected in tech employment by 2024 mentioned by, no doubt, companies know the importance of finding the right staff for this innovational progress.  Why not contact Panorama Consulting Solutions to see how advancing technology can help your business grow?

3. Keeping Up with Consumers’ Expectations

Consumers are expecting more out of businesses. They are busy and do not have time to wait for a return call. It is only through technology like ERP systems that employees can have an integrated view of the work that should be accomplished with a client on behalf of all the departments. This real-time tracking is why an ERP is so essential to stay ahead of the competition. If a customer service rep cannot procure the needed files at their fingertips, then people will start to take their business elsewhere to places that are more consumer friendly.

4. The Impact of Globalization

Globalization has made it possible for people and companies around the world to now interact with each other.  There is still a language barrier, but there is no need for a technology barrier in multi-national corporations. ERP software now is being translated into multiple languages; corporate departments placed all over the world can accomplish tasks in sync with the entire organizational structure.

When thinking about innovation and staying abreast of the competition, an ERP system is essential.  It is not a question so much as when but rather how soon a company can transition over. There are too many advantages not to explore the possibility of using software to unite tasks and information throughout the organizational landscape.  Call or email Panorama Consulting Solutions today Contact us!