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Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, today announced that ViON Corporation, a specialist in designing, delivering and maintaining storage and server solutions to enterprise data centers, has selected Epicor’s next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Based in Georgetown in Washington, D.C., ViON Corporation (ViON) chose Epicor to replace its existing home-grown system in addition to a segregated system that has become outdated.

With two locations and approximately 140 employees, ViON has successfully grown its business over the past 31 years. The company, however, has not had a centralized ERP system, leading to duplication of data and the inevitable discrepancies associated with numerous spreadsheets being maintained by multiple employees.

“There was little communication of data among departments within the organization and manual tracking was time consuming and labor intensive,” said Jerome Nowosatko, program manager of the V-STAR program at ViON Corporation. “We rely on these spreadsheets to run our business, so we knew we had to do something different.”

ViON chose Epicor for its user-friendly interface and its innovative features such as the enterprise search capability and business process management, which ViON will be able to build and customize easily. “We wanted flexibility and a forward-thinking architecture so we wouldn’t outgrow the software, or become disappointed with it in a couple years,” Nowosatko said.

“Having mostly government-based clients, flexibility and rapid response to customer demand are priorities for ViON, as we build very complex solutions for our customers’ data storage needs and solve their problems,” said Tom Frana, president and CEO of ViON. “Since the designs require frequent changes, sales representatives often have to change quotes throughout the ordering process before a sale is finalized, we believe Epicor will help provide the support and structured selling needed for these custom-configured solutions necessary for ViON customers,” Frana said.

One of the first goals for ViON through implementation is to reduce the amount of manual labor through automation of the back office, which will free up resources to think more about the business. “We’re looking to eliminate wasted efforts and resources in the confidence that employees will then be able to give us an even greater competitive advantage with new ideas and strategies,” Nowosatko said.

“Epicor Distribution software has the functionality ViON needs to take its business management and growth to the next level,” said Mike Tatara, product marketing manager for Epicor. “ViON will be able to benefit greatly from Epicor’s distribution toolset designed specifically for companies that need the customization, speed and agility that ViON customers expect and require.”


About ViON Corporation

ViON Corporation (ViON) is a small veteran-owned corporation, established in 1980, and headquartered in Washington, DC. We specialize in designing, delivering, and maintaining storage and server solutions to high performance, enterprise-wide data centers throughout the federal, state, and local governments. We excel in solutions addressing Enterprise Storage, Disaster Recover, Server Consolidation, and Business Continuance in the Windows, UNIX and z/OS environments. For more information, visit