Today is the first day of Panorama’s 2010 ERP Boot Camp, which we are hosting in Denver this week. We have roughly 25 people attending, including ERP project managers, CIOs, IT Directors, and others about to embark on their ERP initiatives. We have a very broad and diverse group of people attending, such as two smaller manufacturing clients from the Denver area, several mid-size manufacturing and distribution companies across the US, two large county and city organizations, and a large telco firm based in Asia Pacific.

This 3-day session will be packed with good information and I’m really looking forward to facilitating sessions with a number of my colleagues from Panorama, industry veterans from ERP software companies, and even consultants from other consulting firms. The diversity of the attendees and facilitators promises some good interaction and discussion.

Some of the topics we plan to cover in the ERP Boot Camp include:

  • Best practices in ERP selection and vendor negotiations
  • Tips to develop implementation plans and strategies
  • Lessons from ERP implementation failures and lawsuits
  • Group exercises to develop and refine ERP implementation project plans
  • Expert panel discussions with industry veterans

These are just a few of the topics we look forward discussing in the next three days. I’ll keep you posted on how things go during the ERP Boot Camp, so be on the lookout for blog updates over the next few days.

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