Operational Restructuring Services

Build An Agile & Responsible Organization With Our Business Restructuring Consultants

Our corporate restructuring consultants help organizations and private equity investors make sustainable organizational changes.

Achieving Operational Efficiencies

Our corporate operational restructuring firm can help you enable rapid change to achieve improvements in cash flow, working capital and profitability. We bring confidence back to key stakeholders, such as lenders, suppliers and employees, by ensuring them we have both a financial and operational plan to deleverage the company.

How do you know you need help with an operational restructure?


  • Declining revenues without adjustment to overall organizational cost structure
  • Rapid increases in expenditure both budgeted and unbudgeted (overhead, maintenance, etc.)
  • Slow response to market and competitive changes
  • Declining gross margins with increasing and decreasing overall revenues
  • Unexplained or poorly explained cost variances
  • Steady increase of inventories in conjunction with reduced inventory turnover
  • Increase in accounts receivable combined with an increase in accounts receiving ageing
  • Purchase-to-pay cycle not managed effectively
  • Frequent need to increase lines of credit or to seek additional cash injections to fund raw materials, purchased components, third party supplied goods or external services

Restructuring Case Study

Panorama built trust and loyalty and effectively managed vendors, which generated $7.2M in sales.

Identifying Root Causes

Stressed and distressed enterprises often face underlying strategic challenges, and cost or process issues that are causing the deterioration of the business. These can arise from internal and external sources and are oftentimes not readily apparent.

Our business operations management consulting firm is experienced in identifying the root causes of an organization’s deterioration and implementing solutions to improve the short and long-term prospects of the business. Our corporate restructuring consultants accomplish this by . . .


  • Conducting a strategic assessment to align operational strategy with enterprise strategy
  • Providing interim management
  • Creating a culture of accountability
  • Implementing metrics, measurement, benchmarking and accountability
  • Analyzing and developing business plans
  • Redeploying assets
  • Realigning costs
  • Enhancing business processes
  • Leading performance improvement initiatives
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Improving Business Processes

Once we have stabilized operations and restored liquidity, we deploy our business process management (BPM) team to dig deep into core processes and focus on the root causes of poor performance.

A broad, rapid BPM assessment pinpoints the most impactful areas of improvement, enabling quick correction for the biggest benefit and building a roadmap of further improvements to tackle in the future.

Our BPM team deploys a top down approach to address the core strategic issues. The team conducts a very high-level diagnostic to define business needs, gather and analyze data, conduct a gap analysis and culture check, create restructuring strategies and execute the operational restructuring.

Survive & Thrive

Maybe a company just needs to be stabilized long enough to be acquired – or maybe it can completely be turned around. In either case, our expertise in operations management consulting helps companies maximize profitability and resolve operational inefficiencies.

Our business restructuring consulting also can help you identify partnership and M&A opportunities and plan for contingencies.

“[They] managed the restructuring process with dedication, strategic insight and operational expertise. This team drew from their collective analytical depth, and sound business judgment to quickly turn-around the company.”

Senior Vice President, Special Assets, Square One Bank

Increase Revenue & Reduce Costs

We provide operations management consulting to help organizations effectively meet customer needs.