Building Products

Whether you are manufacturing drywall and lumber for Home Depot or windows and doors for a local contractor, the building products industry is filled with challenging requirements throughout the supply channel. Building product manufacturers deal with seasonal demand fluctuations, engineer-to-order manufacturing environments, and highly configurable product offerings. Companies throughout the industry need advanced ERP software solutions that can meet the extensive needs of production, accounting, and sales personnel.

Building Products Software Requirements

  • Seasonal forecasting
  • AutoCAD integration
  • Multi-level bill of materials
  • Revision level tracking
  • Engineering change order tracking
  • Engineer-to-order production scheduling
  • Online product configuration
  • Online estimating and quoting
  • Attributed inventory
  • Lot control and serial number tracking
  • Dealer management
  • EDI transmissions
  • Bar-coding and RFID
Panorama’s ERP consultants are aware of the potential pitfalls of ERP selection projects and can help hedge against project cost overruns, software that is misaligned with business needs, and lack of return on investment. The ERP team has industry specific expertise that helps facilitate a successful ERP software selection project and measurable business improvements.
One of our most recent clients in this industry is Amesbury, a leader in window and door components.

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