Building Products Software

Whether you’re manufacturing drywall for a major retailor or windows doors for a local contractor, the building products industry is filled with challenging requirements throughout the supply chain.

Most building product manufacturers need enterprise software that can handle seasonal demand fluctuations, engineer-to-order manufacturing environments, and highly configurable product offerings. The ideal software solution will address the needs of various stakeholders, including production, accounting, and sales personnel.


Building Products Software Requirements

  • Seasonal forecasting
  • AutoCAD integration
  • Multi-level bill of materials
  • Revision level tracking
  • Engineering change order tracking
  • Engineer-to-order production scheduling
  • Online product configuration
  • Online estimating and quoting
  • Attributed inventory
  • Lot control and serial number tracking
  • Dealer management
  • EDI transmissions
  • Bar-coding and RFID


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