Last week, Panorama Consulting Solutions hosted its first educational Boot Camp of the year in San Diego, California. Panorama hosts a limited number of these events annually both in the US and internationally. “I’m committed to bringing this unbiased ERP and digital transformation knowledge to the people,” commented Eric Kimberling who founded the firm over 12 years ago. Kimberling attends and hosts each boot camp along-side a group of his most experienced consultants.  Read further for highlights from ERP boot camp.

What Happens During ERP Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is intentionally designed as a small group format; typically limited to 30 attendees or less. This unique structure fosters interaction as the ambitious agenda unfolds. The learning experience begins at the intersection of ERP and digital transformation. Proven strategies for innovative technology implementation are discussed in detail and reinforced via breakout exercises. It’s an intense three-day program, thus the name, “Boot Camp.” Approximately 30% of the material changes from one boot camp to the next. “Our training is meant to be timely and extremely relevant,” says Chris Devault, Head of Software Selection at Panorama. We talk about ERP strategies, software products, and lessons learned from ERP failures in an unbiased way.

SAP vs. Oracle Case Study

SAP and Oracle both invest heavily in cloud technology. However, our client was skeptical about cloud scalability and unsure if the products were mature and proven.

A Powerful Testimonial from Boot Camp

Many topics are covered at Boot Camp and the power of ERP insight was an underlying theme. It is visually depicted as an iceberg where the top is visible, it’s all the matter hidden “under the water” that must also be considered and navigated to be successful.

Some attending companies bring a team and take advantage of the time away from the office to learn together and to plan out (or augment) their ERP strategies, returning home with a refreshed sense of direction. The program tends to have a robust and long-lasting impact on attendees as evidenced by the survey comments collected at the end of Boot Camp. Below is an example:

The best ERP training I’ve ever had. Your group was willing to answer the tough questions and the answers were very different than responses I’ve received from software vendors. I came to learn more about software selection, and soon realized that our “overarching ERP strategy” was deficient. I’m gladly going back to the drawing board!

Who Attended?

Boot camp typically brings together a unique community of ERP enthusiasts and San Diego was no different; everything from CIOs to IT project managers. Large corporations attended alongside startups.

The agenda encompasses a wide variety of subjects from business process management, organizational change management, to cloud solution trends and how to measure ROI in support of your ERP project (to name a few).

What’s Next?

If you attended our San Diego Boot Camp thank you for joining. If you missed us this time, stay tuned for a new event date and location this Spring. Check our website for details as they’re announced at

Panorama Consulting Solutions is a leading independent and agnostic source of information and is not sponsored or compensated for content. 

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