people apple iphone writingCNBC reported earlier today that Salesforce is one of a handful of potential suitors considering acquiring Twitter (see the article here). My knee jerk reaction is that it seemed like an odd combination, but after thinking about it a bit further, realized that both parties could be on to something.

Here are a few questions and observations related to the news, which still is not anywhere close to being final.

Is this a potential marketing play for Salesforce? Just as Twitter has become a mainstream social media tool, Salesforce is becoming an increasingly mainstream CRM software in the business community. Perhaps Twitter/s massive audience of potential new customers is worth whatever price tag they may be considering?

The lines of digital transformation and enterprise technologies are blurring. As odd as it may sound to some (myself included), the fact that these two parties are even talking about getting hitched suggests that the clear lines between different aspects of digital transformation are becoming more and more fuzzy. Salesforce used to be a pure CRM system, but now they have add-ons related to financials, inventory management, and a variety of other functions well outside the realm of customer service and sales. Acquiring Twitter would simply continue this streak of diversification by adding social media and collaboration competencies to the company and potentially within its product.

Business intelligence, analytics, and big data are the nuclear arms race of digital transformation. Companies struggle to make sense of the masses of data and intelligence available in new technologies. Twitter’s massive reach, content, and behavioral data could be gold mines of content for Salesforce, whether it be helping sales reps understand the behaviors of their prospects or finding the right prospects to target for their product or services. This data could be invaluable to Salesforce and their customers – and it also points to the increasing focus and need for solid business intelligence.

The acquisition is far from being a done deal and there are rumors of other suitors (Google and Verizon, among others), but it does point to the rapid changing pace of digital transformation in today’s market. Below are some tips on how to navigate digital transformation in this context.

What are your thoughts about this potential tie-up? Please comment and join the discussion!

10 Steps to an Effective Digital Transformation

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