When you head into an ERP project, you may have hesitations, but you hope for the absolute best. The easiest way to avoid failure is to hire a third party to help in the decision making. They have experience doing all kinds of ERP implementations across a multitude of industries and know what to look for. However, in the worst case scenario that you are headed for an ERP failure, here are the services to look for:

There are three main aspects throughout expert services. Independent validation and verification (IV&V) is the first. It’s like an outside audit. We are retained by the client and ensure that not only they are fulfilling their role, but, more importantly, the integrator is doing what they are supposed to. We typically report to the executive teams or to a board of director rather than the project management team because the project management team may be where the issue is.

The next aspect would be the recovery. A recovery focuses on an implementation that is facing difficulties. Our main role is to try recuperate and save the software. It may mean that we have to work closer to the vendor and the client to be able to get their relationship back on track, or it may mean that we have to consider replacing the integrator. The worst thing we may have to do is to change the software, but, in some cases, they may have selected the wrong software and that will be the only option.

The last phase is expert witness. In an expert witness engagement, we are retained by an attorney either for the client or for the integrator or software developer. We are brought in to forensically look at the implementation and determine what were the root causes for failure are. In many cases those have similar components such as organizational change management or poor project management. Our main role is to help provide our educated opinion as to why the implementation has faced the problems that is has had.

The bottom line is that we are here to help. We have a great team who know how to help to avoid a failure of this proportion. Nobody wants to clean up that mess, so it’s important to avoid it from the beginning.

Download our whitepaper, “The Importance of Independent Verification and Validation.”

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