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I remember my first boot camp. At the end of it I could knock out 100 pushups in two minutes and turn my shoes into black mirrors, but there is not much need for that in corporate America. Panorama’s ERP Boot Camp, on the other hand, is exactly what you need in the corporate world, and you don’t even have to cut your hair.

ERP Boot Camp, December 9-11 in Anaheim, CA, shows you how to make tough decisions about your organization’s future: Do we need to implement a new ERP system? What ERP system should we implement? Below is a handy guide outlining what you will learn at Panorama’s ERP Boot Camp:

1.  Business process reengineering. Be exposed to all the successes and failures of past ERP implementations, and understand how business process reengineering played a role in the outcome. Panorama will provide several case studies from a variety of industry verticals of projects that went exceedingly well and projects that were train wrecks.

2.  Only the facts. We pride ourselves on our independence, and we are not beholden to any ERP system or firm. We give both sides to every story and provide an impartial and critical review of the different aspects of selection, implementation, project management and other key issues.

3.  We omit nothing. We discuss the technical, organizational and human-side of ERP projects, including selection, implementation, organizational change management and business process reengineering.

4.  Organizational change management. We will tell you why it is important, who should do it, how to do it and where all the friction will come from. It may surprise you.

5.  Ask questions, challenge the experts and throw donuts at the speakers. No question is a bad question and nothing is off limits except a human sacrifice, at least in Denver and parts of El Paso County.

6.  Meet industry experts and vendors for personalized counseling and advice. Ask them the hard questions during their presentations or one-on-one. They will give you insightful and candid advice that is hard won from hundreds of implementations.

Panorama will put on a good spread so that you will be well nourished mentally, physically and maybe emotionally during the sessions. I always cry during the technical fit analysis.

So there it is; why you need to go to ERP Boot Camp, cut your hair and stop listening to rock music . . .  oh wait wrong boot camp. Panorama’s ERP Boot Camp will give you the skills without the ills of an off-track ERP implementation. So come to Boot Camp, get your questions answered, learn the correct questions to ask and meet the experts. Register by November 18th for an Early Bird Discount.

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