Independent Report Reveals Organizations’ Selection and Implementation Practices When it Comes to Enterprise Software

DENVER, Colo., — The business transformation and ERP consulting firm, Panorama Consulting Group, today released an independent report relevant to organizations considering an enterprise software implementation or business transformation.

One of the key findings was that over half of respondents said they had significantly deployed at least one of the following digital initiatives: mobility, web-commerce, predictive analytics, business intelligence, or artificial intelligence.

“The ability to use emerging technologies to access real-time data requires strategic planning, but we saw a lack of a strategic focus among respondents,” said Alan Salton, Director of Innovation at Panorama. “For example, organizations overlooked many key benefits realization opportunities when outlining expected business benefits.”

The report found that organizations that did quantify expected benefits, realized those benefits to a great extent.

“High benefits realization requires strategic planning, which is an area of expertise for ERP consultants,” said Salton. “If more organizations had used consultants, our findings would likely show more organizations quantifying expected benefits and ensuring strategic alignment.”        

According to the report, less than half of organizations hoped to gain access to real-time data. In other words, more than half failed to clearly define goals related to real-time data access. The report suggests that organizations’ benefits realization and ROI expectations might have been less ambitious than they should have been.

“The popularity of Tier I ERP systems and the strong interest in business intelligence and mobility shows that organizations are increasing their IT spending,” said Salton. “However, these same organizations are not setting ambitious goals to accompany these initiatives.”

The 2022 ERP Report

This report summarizes our independent research into organizations' selection and implementation decisions and their project results.

About The 2022 ERP Report​

Panorama Consulting Group developed The 2022 ERP Report to provide insights on recently completed and ongoing enterprise software projects that have at least one phase live. The report can be downloaded here:

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