Evaluating and selecting the right enterprise software for your organization can be an overwhelming task. Clearly defining your business requirements, managing the evaluation process, and ensuring an objective comparison between your many options are just some of the pitfalls of a thorough ERP software selection process.

So do you have what it takes to manage the software selection process for your organization? Our interactive mock selection process will help assess your readiness for an exciting but complex process.

Potential Challenges of an ERP Software Selection Process

  • Managing the ERP software vendors during your evaluation
  • Ensuring an equal and fair comparison of various options
  • Separating critical requirements from standard or generic functionality
  • Finding the right software selection consultant
  • Accurately defining costs of various software solutions
  • Benchmarking with industry peers

These are some of the challenges tested during our mock selection process. Click to take the 10-step mock selection project quiz.

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