We are in the process of gathering and analyzing the results of our ongoing ERP benchmark study. The intent of this study is to collect information about ERP implementations around the world related to time to implement, cost, match with expectations, etc.  Although we are still in the midst of processing the latest round of data, there are some interesting initial findings that stand out.

ERP Implementation Findings

  1. Only 43% of completed ERP projects were able to identify measurable benefits from their new system
  2. Just over 40% of companies reported that their executive management is pleased with the outcome of their ERP projects
  3. Only 38% state that employees are pleased with the outcome of their ERP implementations
  4. 48% of ERP projects in the study went over budget, ranging from 5% to 125% actual spend compared to their original budgets
  5. Nearly 40% of respondents indicated that their organizations suffered from operational outages/stoppages during go-live

There is much more detail to share over the next several weeks as we complete our analysis, but some of these initial findings confirm that ERP projects are by no means slam dunk successes.

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