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Embarking on an ERP implementation can feel like going to battle: the process can be grueling and time consuming, money and jobs are at stake, and the odds are stacked against you. In months past I’ve blogged a lot about ERP failures and we have heard a great deal in the news about failed ERP projects and their resulting lawsuits. I’m going to pause my blogging about ERP failure for just a moment and instead of talking about it, I’m going to offer a solution and an opportunity for companies, regardless of size, to take the first step towards executing a successful ERP implementation project.

We’ve decided to lead a fight against these project failures with the first step being a highly focused and intensive ERP implementation training course designed to arm ERP project members for the implementation battle that lay ahead. My team has spent years crafting our implementation skills and we are now opening up our arsenal to help organizations confront the reality that ERP projects do fail and more importantly, teach them how to prevent future project failures.

In December, I am personally going to lead a three-day ERP training session called ERP Boot Camp. On December 8-10, Panorama will host its ERP Boot Camp near our corporate offices in Denver, Colorado. This unique and interactive educational session, hosted by a panel of independent and technology-agnostic ERP experts, will cover a number of critical topics. This event is open to all CIOs, COOs, IT directors, ERP implementation project managers and team members, ERP consultants, educators and students.

ERP Implementation Boot Camp Topics

  • Overview of common ERP implementation challenges and obstacles
  • Fundamentals of ERP implementation project management
  • Deep dive analysis of ERP implementation benchmarks and best practices
  • ERP implementation lessons learned from ERP implementation failures and lawsuits
  • Group critique and assessment of your implementation plan
  • Interactive case studies and exercises

In addition our scheduled agenda, the ERP boot camp will provide an excellent opportunity to interact with ERP experts, participate in Q&A sessions, and network with industry peers. The three days of interaction will truly help participants leverage the full range of expertise gathered for this event. It will help prepare them for the ERP battle and it will help teach them to implement ERP the right way and avoid project failure.

I believe in this course and the importance of the content offering for attendees.  As such we are doing our best to keep program costs as low as possible.  To help encourage as many ERP recruits as possible, we are offering special rates for early registration, existing Panorama clients, students, and those companies who wish to send multiple attendees.

I look forward to seeing you in December for ERP Boot Camp!

Click to read more about ERP Boot Camp or to register online for the event.

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