Last month we hosted our first ERP Boot Camp training, which was a great success, as Borat would say.  This three-day ERP implementation training program was very well received among the various clients, prospective clients, and other companies that attended the event.  However, we’re all about continuous improvement and are looking for ways to make our next ERP Boot Camp in March even better.

A significant recurring theme of ERP Boot Camp is how companies can make their ERP implementations more successful and avoid some of the pitfalls and risks inherent in any ERP software initiative.  We also want to continue including thoughts and ideas from a broad and diverse set of ERP experts, even those outside of Panorama Consulting, to cite in our training program.

So What are Your Thoughts?

What do you find to be the most important factor(s) in determining ERP success for your clients?

Please post your comment below and we’ll use some select feedback in our next ERP Boot Camp session (providing credit to you, of course).

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