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We provide distribution management consulting, software, solutions, & vendor services to help you select one that’s right for your business.

Distribution software is used to optimize supply chain management and distribution requirements planning. With the right system, organizations can manage complex distribution channels and improve sales performance while reducing costs.

Learn more about distribution management software below and discover the value that Panorama Consulting’s distribution software consultants can provide.

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The Benefits of Distribution Software

When properly implemented, this software can help a company maintain optimal inventory levels and facilitate the quick movement of goods.

Among other features, distribution solutions  typically include:

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Flexible Order Entry and Change Order Management

  • POS Software and Counter Sale Support

  • eCommerce Storefront

  • Sales Commission Processing

  • Forecasting

  • Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)

  • Centralized Purchasing

  • Kitting and Assembling

  • Inventory Management

  • Warehouse Management

  • Barcoding and RFID

  • Business Intelligence

The Role of Distribution Software Consultants

The right distribution vendor consultant can ensure you select software that fits your unique needs. These experts can help you define your software requirements while outlining potential ways to leverage real-time data across multi-warehouse distribution channels.

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