Panorama Service Offerings

A Holistic Approach

We ensure your people and processes are aligned with your new technology.

Whether you’re evaluating enterprise resource planning systems or pursuing a business transformation initiative, our ERP advisory services and business transformation services can help you achieve your organizational goals. 

The Evolution of our ERP Advisory

While Panorama started with the vision to provide independent ERP selection advice, it has since evolved to provide services encompassing all aspects of technology projects. We also provide services for business transformation projects as well as business turnaround efforts. 

Our team reflects this evolution with our diversity of skillsets and experience – including ERP Expert Witness experience! 

Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Can be Risky – We’ll Help You Avoid Mistakes 

We help you mitigate risk by ensuring you select the right software, optimize your processes, and successfully transition your people to new ways of working.

During selection, we look for enterprise resource planning systems that can both automate processes and bring you a competitive advantage. Throughout selection and implementation, we help you set realistic expectations, so your project stays on-budget and on-time and leads to the business benefits you expect.

It’s never fun to be surprised with resource constraints or unexpected activities, like data migration or employee communication. It’s better to hire ERP advisory that understands all the project activities necessary for ERP success.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

We take the time to understand your organization’s needs, and we customize our services based on your unique culture and goals. While one organization may want digital business transformation, another may simply want to integrate a new enterprise resource planning system into their existing operating model. We have experience on both ends of this spectrum.

 Why do we embrace flexibility? Because our mission is to help clients achieve their mission.