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Panorama’s Clash of the Titans 2016 provides an independent comparison of SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and Infor. Watch this webinar clip for a more in-depth analysis of the average implementation duration for these four vendors.

Compared to our previous report, each of the four vendors increased in implementation duration. Microsoft Dynamics implementations, which averaged 12.5 months in 2013, increased to 24.9 months this year. Oracle implementations, which averaged 22.5 months in 2013, saw a slight increase to 23.4 months, as did SAP from 18.5 months to 19.5 months.

A small increase in implementation duration may be attributed to changes in project scope and resource availability. More significant increases may be attributed to unclear requirements or excessive customization.

The full webinar is available here: Review of Panorama’s 2016 Clash of the Titans Report. For more YouTube videos and webinar clips, visit our YouTube Channel.

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