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Our latest session of ERP Boot Camp is set to kick off on Wednesday, December 7 in Denver, Colorado. Though it’s just around the corner, there is still time to register to make sure that you and your team benefit from the collected expertise of Panorama’s ERP experts and our invited guests, who include many of the leaders of the ERP industry. The knowledge and information presented at ERP Boot Camp stretches across the ERP market, and encompasses insight relevant for every system and every implementation. And past participants will tell you the same: “The Boot Camp was an eye opening experience. I really felt like I had learned a lot about what to expect and how to plan/strategize in implementing our own ERP. The three-day course was a great investment.”

Presentation topics for our December event include:

  • ERP Basic Training (including 20 guiding principles of effective ERP initiatives)
  • Overview of ERP Implementation Strategies
  • ERP Project Management
  • Overview of Organizational Change Management and Benefits Realization
  • Technical Considerations

In addition, there will be sessions devoted to creating requirements, business blueprinting and developing a business case — all critical ERP success factors that are too frequently mismanaged or forgotten.

Our expert panelists promise to share plenty of “stories from the trenches” gleaned over decades in the IT industry. They’ll help attendees gain insight into vendor selection and management,  implementation project planning, configuration and customization and organizational change activities.

Activities will also include one-on-ones with Panorama’s independent ERP consultants to discuss individual concerns or scenarios, an open house at the Panorama office and the all-important happy hour reception.

If you have yet to register, there is still time! This is not only a “can’t miss” event but one that will ensure your organization is positioned to reap all the rewards possible from its ERP system. Click ERP Boot Camp to find out more and register today by calling Michele Palmieri at 720-515-1377.