Special District | Selection


Special district replaces aging ERP system with technology that provides robust reporting capabilities.

Client Overview

  • Provides treated water to approximately 19,000 customers and raw water to approximately 6,000 customers
  • Operates as an independent special district operated by and for the people who own land within its 287,000-acre boundaries
  • Collects water on over 70,000 acres of high mountain watershed and owns and operates an extensive reservoir and canal system and network of water treatment plants
  • Has seven power plants that generate enough electricity to supply the equivalent of more than 60,000 homes
  • Has a generation capacity of 82.2 megawatts and sells its electrical output to the Pacific Gas & Electric Co
  • Owns and operates several outdoor public recreation facilities located adjacent to some of its reservoirs
  • Maintains a water storage network of 10 major and 17 minor reservoirs, more than 450 miles of canal and more than 300 miles of pipeline

The Challenge

The district contracted Panorama to help in the replacement of its existing systems with a proven, commercial-off-the-shelf ERP system. The client undertook this initiative to replace aging systems, gain efficiencies and update existing processes. Another goal was to improve the timeliness, accuracy, safeguarding and consistency of information, thus improving internal controls.


“We spent time with the executive team documenting their project goals and overall organizational goals so we could determine which systems would be the best fit. This strategic alignment also helped us recommend process improvements that would drive benefits realization.”

– Rich Goluskin, Director of Client Services, Panorama Consulting Group


Our Approach

Panorama led the process to document the district’s business processes and requirements. Approximately 250 key requirements were identified across areas that included finance, core accounting, project management, asset management, procurement, inventory management, utility billing, customer service, cash receipts, recreation and human resources.

After an initial evaluation of nine software solutions, Panorama and the client jointly selected three short-listed vendors for further consideration. We then organized customized demonstrations where the vendors could showcase their ability to meet the client’s specific business needs.

These short-listed vendors demoed their solutions. As stakeholders evaluated each solution, Panorama compiled scoring matrices that informed the district’s selection of its new ERP system.

Panorama has also been contracted to assist the client with the implementation of the chosen solution. In addition, we will help the client integrate with Sedaru, the computerized maintenance management system the client selected. This system will enable the client to collect data on assets over time to predict maintenance requirements.

While this system will be implemented separately from the ERP system, but it will be closely coordinated to ensure proper data and process sharing.

Projected Benefits

  • Improving business processes through real-time transactions and workflows
  • Providing employee self-service and eliminating paper time sheets
  • Improving the ability to demonstrate financial compliance during audits
  • Ensuring a single source of truth
  • Eliminating the need for separate spreadsheets, shadow databases and peripheral tracking systems
  • Gaining better access to data through inquiry or drill-down capabilities
  • Predicting maintenance requirements through automated data collection on assets over time (not from ERP but from integrating with a computerized maintenance management system)