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Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) is the key to reduce the risk of ending up on the news as another failed public sector implementation costing tax payers millions of dollars.

With increased public scrutiny and the number of failed public sector implementations on the rise, it is more and more important to have a fail-safe plan. Join Eric Kimberling, Managing Partner of Panorama Consulting Solutions, for a 60-minute, interactive webinar discussing the necessity of independent verification and validation (IV&V) in any ERP implementation.

True independent and well-executed IV&V programs give agencies the opportunity to bring projects in on time, on budget and to specs – but only if they know how to construct a plan that will hold the vendor and key stakeholders accountable.

Topics of discussion include:

-The role of IV&V in the ERP software implementation lifecycle
-The difference between verification & validation AND quality assurance and project oversight
-The need for innovation in IV&V methodology for public sector
-Common challenges with IV&V and project management
-Question and answer session

This video is a clip of a recorded, 60-minute webinar. The full recording can be viewed on our on-demand webinar page.