CDC Software (The Customer-Driven Company) is a global powerhouse, providing on-premise, hosted, hybrid and SaaS ERP solutions to more than 10,000 customers in more than 50 countries. And CDC’s focus on the customer is not just corporate-talk; the company prides itself in its ability to deeply understand the businesses and industries it serves. To that end, it has created a number of industry-specific solutions and forged deep inroads into segments as diverse as nonprofits, food and beverage, utilities, manufacturing, health care, government and financial services.

In addition to its ERP systems, CDC sells solutions ranging from enterprise manufacturing intelligence to supply chain management to e-Commerce to CRM and marketing automation, among many others. The company augments these systems with a broad array of supplementary services, including user training, consulting and technical support. Indeed, it is arguably CDC’s incredibly robust amount of offerings, customizable to clients in nearly any industry vertical with nearly any business goal, that has propelled its impressive growth. The company’s most recently published financials (Q1, 2011) indicate a 62-percent improvement in operating cash flow compared to Q1, 2010. But, rather than rest on its laurels, CDC continues to push the envelope, disclosing substantial investments in both sales and marketing and research and development for its on-premise and cloud solutions. Its recent acquisitions (including SaaS solution providers iDC, Tradebeam and Computility) also bear witness to CDC’s aggressive growth strategy.

With clients including household names like H.J. Heinz Company, SiriusXM Satellite Radio and the National Hockey League, its clear that CDC’s solutions are highly competitive. And their service model isn’t so bad either: customers have access to CDC product managers, business managers, executives and teams of experts as well as annual user group meetings on national and regional levels. Customers also have the confidence of knowing that not only is CDC NASDAQ-listed (CDCS) itself, it also operates under the umbrella of China-based CDC Corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA) — a consortium of companies including CDC Software, CDC Global Services, CDC Games and headquartered in Hong Kong and manned by CEO Peter Yip.

Cutting-edge in technology, service and strategy, CDC has proven themselves as “one to watch” over the years ahead. To find out more about CDC Software, visit

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