Public Sector Organizational Performance

The experts at Panorama know that enhanced organizational performance is the key to any government agency’s success. We also know that organizational effectiveness in the public sector looks very different than organizational effectiveness in the private sector. Government agencies must balance external pressures, shrinking budgets and the ever-growing need for transparency with staff members relatively unmotivated by the threat of disciplinary action or job loss due to poor performance. To create the alignment and buy-in so necessary for success, government agencies rely on Panorama’s deep organizational change management insight and strategic recommendations throughout the project lifespan. We understand people, we understand government and we understand performance.

Panorama’s Public Sector Organizational Performance service offering for government and public sector clients includes:

  • Strategy and Planning: An assessment of where the organization is, where it wants to go and how it will get there.
  • Organizational Change Management: The comprehensive and structured approach to creating an environment of maximized benefits, performance and integration.
  • Business Process Management, Improvement, Reengineering and Optimization: Ranging from a small improvement project focused on one practice or service area to a complete overhaul of organizational processes, Panorama determines, creates and communicates opportunities for enhanced productivity and processes throughout an initiative.  
  • Center of Excellence: The identification and creation of a holistic entity to provide support, guidance and oversight throughout the project.
  • Training: A cornerstone of any organizational performance program, Panorama’s unique approach includes both technical / functional training and business process training to create user satisfaction, alignment and buy-in.

While there is no “quick fix” to improve public sector organizational performance and effectiveness, Panorama’s methodology-driven approach is focused on creating value and ROI from the project’s inception until long after our consultants have left the building. Our techniques are proven to create operational success.

While each engagement is as varied as the agencies we work with, our input typically includes providing the analysis and tools for enhanced productivity, ensuring that the staff is properly supported, listened to and communicated with, and building the framework for a wholly united and integrated organization. The positive effect of these strategies and tactics is easy to quantify and easier still to justify.

To Panorama, organizational performance does not begin and end with a project timeline. It is a strategic imperative that must have a profound and sustained impact on the staff, the stakeholders and the agency on a whole.

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