Project Planning and Strategic Planning

In this stage, the Panorama team will outline the general strategy for finding the best software solution. The preliminary guiding principles will be defined in accordance with expectations set by the organization’s management.

The strategy will be outlined in the following activities:

  • Define key stakeholders and participants in the selection process
  • Agree upon project timelines and key milestones
  • Define scope, including users, modules, locations, level of customization/centralization and potential solution structure
  • Conduct kick-off meeting and project overview with key stakeholders and participants
  • Help establish initial communication planning to the user base to create initial awareness and project support
  • Begin reviewing existing business and technical documentation of the organization’s current environment
  • Establish an ERP project governance structure to guide the evaluation process, team, scope, and deliverables
  • Establish initial Organizational Change Management planning
  • Establish a project management site for information sharing and project management

Executive Strategic Planning

Panorama will conduct a series of executive planning workshops. The focus of the workshops will be to define the organization’s strategic business direction and plans for execution.

The team will define the following during the workshops:

  • Assess long-term strategic goals and objectives. (Includes a high level overview of where the organization wants to go in the next several years).
  • Assess ideas and plans for execution that are required in the short and long term.
  • Pain points around the use of technology.
  • Education on software standardization pros and cons.
  • Education on industry standards around shared services and the options available.
  • Education of IT strategy pros and cons.
  • Outline desired future state business model to include process standardization and shared services.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies.