Today we published Part III of our 2008 ERP Report, which focuses on benchmarks, best practices, and lessons learned from 670 small to mid-size businesses (SMBs) across the globe (click here to read the full study). This portion of the study focuses on organizations with less than 500 employees and $500 million (USD) of revenue.

Summary Findings of the ERP Software Report

  • 30% of SMBs implemented SAP, while 24% selected either Oracle or a Tier II solution. Just over 22% implemented MS Dynamics.
  • SMBs spend an average of $3.1 million to fully implement their ERP solutions
  • Average implementation time is 19 months, compared to 25 months for larger organizations
  • Over 60% of SMBs go over their planned implementation budget by at least 5%
  • SMBs are more likely than large organizations to experience significant cost overruns of 50% or more (6.8% of all implementations vs. just 4.4% for large organizations)
  • SMBs are more likely to implement vanilla or out of the box ERP software than their large counterparts (24.5% of SMBs vs. only 15.2% of large organizations)
  • SMBs require only 20% of the internal and external resources to implement ERP compared to large organizations

These are just a few samples of interesting data from the report.

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