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Your core ERP project team is your life jacket! The strongest individuals for implementing a new ERP system are the same people that run your day-to-day business. Buoyancy is key to holding up your daily operations and smooth sailing in the ERP project.

Keys to Building a Team for ERP Project Success!

  1. Opt for people that understand multiple parts of the business, not just their own little world.
  2. Opt for employees that demonstrate a willingness to change.
  3. Opt for influencers, those who can persuade and direct.
  4. Opt for employees that always look for a better way to get things done. Look for futurists.
  5. Opt for employees that are outgoing, people who get along with outsiders.
  6. Opt for contributors that are cooperative, resilient, yet strong in conviction.

Once you have chosen that team…

  • Make ERP software their full-time job. The more time spent working with the ERP system, the better. A concentration of 50% on two jobs will breed failure in both.
  • Back-fill their positions! Even if it is not full-time, there are some days that the core team will be involved all day, every day, especially near completion.
  • Thoroughly explain the reason they were chosen and how they will accomplish the goals of the implementation.
  • Allay their anxiety by developing a plan that includes managing both workloads.
  • Introduce them to your expectations in the coming months.
    • Expectation of time spent
    • Working with outsiders
    • Presenting their needs to people who are not familiar with their daily activities, maybe numerous times
  • Provide support
    • Give your team a place to express concerns openly
    • Plan team building events
    • Schedule meetings with your team, without everyone else, so they can discuss their progress openly
    • Reward their efforts. Not monetarily, but with recognition and updates to the company on their performance

Remember, for many, this will be their first ERP implementation. They need to understand the process. Others will have been through this before and may recall the process as very stressful. Be sure your ERP project team understands their efforts are appreciated, and the company’s success depends on their support and cooperation.

Your ERP project team is your life raft. They will be the catalyst for safely navigating your ERP system in port!

Blog entry written by Jeanne Hedman, an ERP Consultant at Panorama Consulting Group.