What is the Biggest ERP Challenge Your Organization Faces?

Just as reporters in the US are looking at early Election Day results this evening, I thought I would share some preliminary results from our poll. Based on respondents’ responses, lack of employee buy-in is the biggest problem facing ERP project teams. 38% found this to be the most challenging issue. A large group also found lack of ERP expertise to be the biggest problem (33%), while 19% identified a lack of project resources. Only 10% indicated that lack of project budget is their biggest problem.

Perhaps the most surprising result is related to executive buy-in. Not a single respondent identified executive support as their biggest challenge, which surprises me since I have been involved with at least a few projects where this was a huge problem. And, I suspect that a lack of executive support may be the root cause for at least some of the people that identified employee buy-in as their biggest problem.

These results underscore the importance of thorough project planning and effective organizational change management and training as part of the overall ERP preparation process. I have worked with several clients that underestimated the importance of planning and organizational change, only to find this to be the reason for lack of buy-in and ERP expertise.

Below are the detailed results. Of course, these results are preliminary, so there’s still time for you to voice your opinion.

ERP Poll Results

  • Lack of project resources – 19%
  • Not enough executive support – 0%
  • Lack of employee buy-in – 38%
  • Too small of a budget – 10%
  • Lack of ERP expertise – 33%

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