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winningAs we all know—but don’t always practice—communication is the first step for everyone to get what they need. This is especially true in ERP vendor negotiations. If you have parties who are not talking together, they are probably not going to work together and you definitely will not be able to achieve the results that you would like.

Panorama approaches vendor negotiations from a spirit of abundance. We believe that everyone can win and that a rising tide will lift all boats. We believe that having open, honest communication with all parties not only helps everyone get what they need, but also makes everyone feel better about what they get as well. Communication draws out clients’ needs—even the ones that the client hasn’t articulated yet.

A lot of times, vendor negotiations gets a bad rap. Clients feel as though they were overcharged, especially over capabilities that they did not want or need; when realistically, this is merely a symptom of poor communications. Often times, clients don’t know what they need because ERP is new for them. The unknown can create decisions driven by anxiety which easily results in poor decision making. To avoid that, it is vital to look at the long play. Working with an ERP consultant can help achieve goals and work with the vendor to get exactly what you want.

Free and open communication also helps everyone get what they need from the negotiation. There is no passing papers back and forth like you see in the movies. Panorama excels at getting people out of their shells and pushing client’s past their comfort zone to achieve everyone’s goals (see our Value Proposition here). We are the catalyst that will help the vendor right-size the product and talk to the client in the way that makes sense to them. We will help you make the right decisions. But that doesn’t stop with you. We will help the vendor teams as well. We don’t treat them as adversaries, they are our teammates. We want to make everyone win.