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The Jeske Company Upgrades ERP Software to Improve Efficiencies and Drive Sales

VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.), an award-winning ERP software provider, announced The Jeske Company, Inc., a wholesale distributor of builder’s hardware and specialties, has gone live with VAI S2K 5.0. Looking to improve internal efficiencies and drive sales, The Jeske Company is pleased to implement the restructured E-Business Storefront and updated Warehouse Management System featured as part of the S2K upgrade.

A VAI customer since 2002, The Jeske Company has executed S2K as a means of propelling the company’s business processes and offering high quality service and shipping. S2K offers a customizable, streamlined platform to simplify all business processes from accounts payable to inventory management. In addition, S2K 5.0’s updated E-Business Storefront will drive business by expanding current sales channels.

“VAI is always looking to the future and coming up with new and creative ways it can improve upon its already innovative and industry-leading solutions,” said Jeff Swanstrom, operations manager, The Jeske Company. “We have taken part in a number of software upgrades through the years and we are pleased with VAI’s ability to stay current, while offering us customization and flexibility. VAI and S2K in general have been a positive and profitable experience for our organization.”

“We are always looking to help our customers reach their business goals through our ERP solutions,” said Peter Zimmerman, manufacturing segment manager, VAI, “and we are excited The Jeske Company has decided to implement S2K 5.0.  We have worked with The Jeske Company for a number of years, so it is rewarding to see how VAI’s software has become an integral part of its business. We will continue to work with The Jeske Company to help grow its business with future enhancements and upgrades to our technology offerings.”