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Social capabilities integrated to improve collaboration among sales teams



VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.), an award-winning ERP software provider, today announced the upgraded version of its S2K Sales Force software, further helping companies bridge the gap between in-office and remote employees. To meet the needs of its customers’ increasingly remote and diversified sales teams, social tools designed to improve team collaboration have been added to S2K Sales Force, including blog capabilities and enhanced sales analysis tools.

The upgraded S2K Sales Force enables users to more easily communicate, successfully manage valuable sales opportunities and better serve their customers. A private blog feature has been integrated into the product to enable teams to share news, discuss customer cases, and provide feedback and insight into users’ sales strategies.

In addition, S2K Sales Force gives sales teams the ability to quickly track leads, process sales orders, record tasks and access product and customer information. Advanced sales analysis screens provide immediate access to personal sales data as well as customer and item sales data, to help users make educated decisions and drive new business. Additionally, the sales team can now sync their S2K calendar and email with their desktop, enabling faster, more efficient communication within the enterprise, and customers can easily communicate with the sales team using the new case-tracking customer service tool.

“In today’s fast paced competitive market, having a sales tool that enables sales reps to keep on top of opportunities and better service customers is critical,” said Joe Scioscia, VP of sales, VAI. “With S2K Sales Force, remote sales team members can leverage mobile computing devices to access the information they need to close more business and respond to customer demands. Adding a social element to our CRM product is an innovative way to enhance collaboration among the sales force and ensure that our customers’ sales team is working together for maximum effectiveness.”

“At VAI we strive to provide our customers with the most up-to-date technology that will maximize business efficiency,” said Bob Vormittag, president, VAI.  “Ensuring the sales force can access information as quickly as possible to best serve customers is a priority, and the enhanced S2K Sales Force further streamlines the process, with the added benefit of advanced analysis and social capabilities.”